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We all have a story to share, of special days and people that live on in our memories.

Our heartfelt thanks to those who have chosen to Pay for a Day (or week) of care for a resident.

We encourage you to read these beautiful stories.

Every Day Counts

January 7

Dorothy Ryde

January 26

Norma McIver

February 13


March 14

Sophie Hazma

April 23


May 14

Beatrice Kniesz

May 22


May 29

Martin Crichton

June 13

Verna Herold

June 25

Irma (Huffman) Young

August 16

Angus MacDermid

September 18

Connie Orr

October 13

Hazel Redshaw

November 30

Ludwiga Fuhry

December 23


January 13

Pauline Schwartzentruber

January 31

Basil Edward Hurst

February 15

Mitchell Family Doctors

March 15

Harold McCann

May 2

Bill and Donna Quipp's 51st Wedding Anniversary

May 21

McCann Brothers

May 24

John Mavity

June 5


June 14

Lois Carruthers

June 27

Bob Gulliford

August 19

John Newman

October 10

Dave Shail

November 26

Pauline Schwartzentruber

December 2

Elizabeth Iclanzan

December 25

Reese Family & Friends

January 15

George Yates

February 9

Mother and Grandmother

February 16


April 10

Elaine Nigro

May 7

Parkview United Church Women's Group

May 21

Harold and Mary McCann

May 29

Gordon Hansford

June 5


June 19


June 28


August 31


October 12

Mimi Love

November 26

Pauline Schwartzentruber

December 6

Paul Emeny

January 25

Dawn Cooper Spencer

February 10

Charalampos (Larry) Sideris

Februrary 25

Don Arntfied

April 13

Don Bolduc

May 13

Bill Christian

May 22

Bill Barker

May 29

Sam Beauchamp

June 5

Margaret Crichton

June 22

Marlene Ruby

July 8

Doris and Stan Player

September 17

Jackie Johnson

October 13

Hazel Redshaw

November 30

Ludwiga Fuhry

December 19

Nancy MacDonald

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