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August 19
John Newman
MacDermid EDC.png

Today would have been John Newman’s 95th birthday. Our final weeks with him were spent at Rotary Hospice until his passing on Dec 5, 2021, and we are pleased to be able to honour John, the truly wonderful staff, volunteers, and this facility by sponsoring a day of care in his memory.

John is remembered as a loving father, Grandpa, & great-Grandpa (GGpa). He made friends easily and kept them close over the years. During his life he was a musician, athlete, lifeguard, engineer, community volunteer, a carer for his parents and his wife, and our family’s go to fix-it guy. Solving problems and building a solution was what gave him almost as much joy as watching his grand and great grandkids grow.

While we miss him every day, the family will be forever grateful for the care and support John and all of us received from Rotary Hospice.

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