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November 26
Pauline Schwartzentruber
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This day is dedicated in memory of my wife, Pauline Schwartzentruber, who passed November 26, 2019.

The decision for Pauline to move into Rotary Hospice was a very difficult one. Yet we knew we could no longer properly care for her by ourselves at home.

The care my wife received at the Hospice was amazing. I am and will be forever grateful to the hospice, and especially staff, for the care and support provided in her final days; care and support I would not have been able to provide Pauline at home.

Rotary Hospice allowed us to just be family, and to make every day count. It is my wish that with this donation, other families can benefit from the same care and compassion as ours did.

- Grant Schwartzentruber

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