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September 17
Jackie Johnson
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"On September 17th, 2013, my mom Jackie passed away. My hope was that she could do so in a hospice however Rotary Hospice was just a vision then. I knew for sure that my grief needed to be turned into gratitude to help make this a reality.
Recently, a good friend experienced what I did eight years ago and her family wanted her mom to spend her final days at Rotary Hospice. I burst into tears when she messaged me to say her mom was on her way to the hospice, as she could now be her daughter instead of her caregiver. For me, it felt like my journey with my mom had come full circle. Her mom passed away the next day with the respect, comfort and dignity that everyone and their family deserves in their final days. What an amazing gift.
My mom was “good fun”. She loved everyone, loved to laugh, loved to make people happy, was a fabulous baker and made everyday count. One of the final things she said was “remember me and smile.”
I am so grateful for her and the memories I have. I smile a lot."

Our heartfelt thanks to long-time Rotary Hospice supporter Julie Docker-Johnson who chose to Pay for a Day of Care for one resident room today in memory of her mother.

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