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Because You Cared

The Stratford Perth Hospice Foundation is a community based charitable organization committed to raising operational funding for the Rotary Hospice Stratford Perth where palliative individuals, as well as their loved ones, are supported through their end-of-life journeys.


The Rotary Hospice provides a peaceful, comfortable home with 24-hour specialized palliative care for those at end-of-life as well as support for those in their circle. It provides a needed alternative to institutional care facilities and home care - an essential option that did not previously exist in Huron Perth and Area until its official opening on June 22, 2019.

What We Believe In

Hospice Care Avon Maitland (HCAM)


To provide compassionate, meaningful, end of life care for all persons in our community. In partnership with other healthcare providers and professionals, we offer excellent palliative care to help ease emotional, physical, social, and spiritual suffering for those who are dying, their families and friends.


Making every moment matter for those approaching end of life, their families, and friends.

The core values that guide our decisions and actions while providing hospice palliative care are: Excellence, Dignity, Compassion, Collaboration, Accountability, and Inclusivity.

Stratford Perth Hospice Foundation (SPHF)


To sustain and promote Rotary Hospice Stratford Perth by generating community awareness, active fundraising and donor stewardship, and responsible investment management.


To ensure every resident in our community is aware of and has access to a compassionate end of life experience.


The core values that guide our decisions and actions are: Passion, Commitment, Engagement, Collaboration, and Accountability.

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