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There are supports available to those facing a life-limiting diagnosis.

You do not have to navigate this journey alone.

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I am interested in receiving palliative care services, how do I find support?

There are supports available to those facing a life-limiting diagnosis so that you do not have to navigate this journey alone. Many palliative supports begin with Home and Community Care Support Services (HCCSS), formerly known as the LHIN or CCAC. The Stratford Perth community is served by HCCSS South West. You will be assigned to a Care Coordinator who will help determine what your care needs are and which services you qualify for. 

T: 1-800-811-5146  Website:



What is hospice residence care?

Hospice palliative care is a philosophy and approach to care that aims to address the holistic care needs (beyond just the physical) of those with a life-limiting illness. Hospice residences provide a home-like setting to individuals whose death is approaching, as well as supporting their loved ones through the end-of-life journey.

Is there a cost involved?

No money is paid to this hospice for your care in hospice. There are a few related expenses to third party services to facilitate your stay in hospice including:

  • Medical transport to the hospice

  • Dispensing fees paid to our contracted pharmacy for medications 

  • Medications not covered by the Ontario Drug Benefit or your third-party insurance

  • Items to meet personal preferences such as toiletries, dietary items, care products, etc.


How do I know if I qualify for care in a hospice residence?

Most hospices have admission criteria to determine eligibility. Rotary Hospice Stratford Perth (RHSP) criteria include:

  • A prognosis of 3 months or less

  • DNR-C (Do Not Resuscitate) order completed

  • Seeking comfort care (symptom management) rather than curative care

  • Does not currently have Covid-19 or C-Difficile

  • MAiD (Medical Assistance in Death) is not a goal of care


How do I submit a referral for Rotary Hospice Stratford Perth (RHSP)?

If you are considering admission to hospice as a possibility, your HCCSS Care Coordinator is able to determine eligibility and complete a hospice referral for you. If you live in a different geographical area but are considering RHSP to be closer to your loved ones, your local HCCSS will need to send a referral to HCCSS SW. 


For those in the hospital or other care facility, if your care team hasn’t mentioned hospice, you need to let them know that you are interested in hospice residence care as an option. Many hospitals have a HCCSS Care Coordinator who will help navigate the referral process. If the hospital does not have a coordinator or if you are living in the community or in a care facility and do not have a coordinator, your care team (physician, charge nurse, etc.) can complete your hospice referral.


All hospice referrals must be submitted directly to HCCSS SW by fax#: 519-273-6454. Hospice referrals do not go directly to the hospice. HCCSS confirms eligibility for hospice care and then forwards the referral on to us for review.


How long is the wait list?

RHSP and many other hospices do not use a traditional waitlist to determine timing of admission. We do have a lengthy list of referrals; however, many people are not yet ready for hospice when they submit their referral. While a person may be eligible for care in a hospice residence, eligibility does not determine appropriateness (timing). We regularly receive updates on those on the referral list and hospice bed offers are determined by reviewing many factors to decide who is most in need of our care services at the time a bed is available.

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