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Rotary Hospice Stratford Perth

Rotary Hospice Stratford Perth

80 Greenwood Drive

Stratford, ON N5A 0J1
t. 519.508.4900

e. info@rotaryhospice.ca

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Contact Us

Lana Burchett, Executive Director

w. 519.508.4900 ext. 710

e. lana@rotaryhospice.ca

Kate Wiens, Director of Residential Care

w. 519.508.4900 ext. 550

e. kate@rotaryhospice.ca

Lucie Stuart, Fund Development Manager

w. 519.508.4900 ext. 720

c. 226.751.2468

e. lucie@rotaryhospice.ca

Norma Reese, Office Administrator

w. 519.508.4900 ext. 700

c. 226.921.8496

e. norma@rotaryhospice.ca

Michelle Field, Events and Communication Coordinator

w. 519.508.4900 ext. 702

c. 226.921.8495

e. michellef@rotaryhospice.ca

Katie Jervis, Coordinator of Volunteers

w. 519.508.4900 ext. 730

c. 226.921.0646

e. katie@rotaryhospice.ca