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Every Day Counts

Our lives are made up of special days.


At the heart of Rotary Hospice, making every day and every moment count is integral to those affected by life-limiting illnesses and their loved ones. 

Why pay for a day?

By paying for a day (or more), you are supporting the care and compassion that residents and families need during what is the most challenging and difficult time.

Recognize an important birthday or anniversary. Celebrate the memory of a relative or friend. Or mark a significant company milestone. Your gift will have an impact. It means Rotary Hospice will be here when needed by those in our area … your family, friends, colleagues, or neighbours. 

Each year, Rotary Hospice receives 47% of its budget from the Ministry of Health. This means we must fundraise 53%, or approximately $950,000 per year. The operating cost to be fundraised per room, per day equals $350. 

Photo: “Thank you for making this moment with mom possible”. The Redshaw Family

Redshaw Pic 900.jpg

You can make every day count.

Please click here to download an application form
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Celebrating Bruce ‘Rooster’ Withers’s 60th birthday John Wayne style at Rotary Hospice.

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