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October 13
Hazel Redshaw
MacDermid EDC.png

“When Hazel and I immigrated to Canada in late 1957 we arrived after three hectic weeks prior to embarking on the Empress of Canada, smallest of the old Canadian Pacific Liners. Hazel was not aware until much later that she had mislaid “Wind in the Willows” her favourite childhood book. So it was with pure joy that a visit to a local book store in 2004 produced a 1980 reprint with superb coloured illustrations of all the little animals.
"Full circle, I returned after a brief absence to Room 10 at the Hospice to find a thoughtful friend reading to her about Mr. Toad of Toad Hall, The Rat , Mr. Badger and the various other little critters on a sunny October afternoon a few days before Hazel left us. Thank you Pat. After Hazel bought the book we put it on our coffee table till she got sick. It is there again, a treasure and a precious memory of our happy times together.”

Our heartfelt thanks to Geoff Redshaw who chose to Pay for a Day of Care in memory of his beloved wife Hazel who passed away at Rotary Hospice on October 13, 2019.

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