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A family finds the special moments

I had heard of a hospice before. I had driven past a hospice before. But I did not plan to go into one. That is, until my dad, Gerry, required one on his final journey of life.
When the day came for Dad to begin his stay at the Rotary Hospice in Stratford, it was tough for all our family. As soon as we arrived, however, we were greeted by the most wonderful and helpful nurses, volunteers, and staff.
Dad’s room felt like an apartment and was beautifully decorated with a fireplace, large TV, comfy couch, and a recliner. His bed had everything needed to provide him with the best possible care. Dad asked me how he could stay. He was happy to hear that the answer was for as long as he needed and so were we.
For us, Rotary Hospice felt like home; it was a comfortable and welcoming place for our entire family. We used the common living room for down time to watch hockey, movies, play games, and talk. Sometimes we enjoyed dinner in the dining area where there were always delicious soups, cookies, and muffins.
We spent many nights together laughing and enjoying as much time together as we could.
As Dad’s stay continued, and especially towards the end of his life, we sometimes spent the night sleeping on the pull-out couch or in the reclining chair in his room.
I wouldn’t have wanted Dad to be anywhere but at Rotary Hospice for his final journey of life. The kind, friendly staff and volunteers always showed the utmost compassion, caring, and support, which made for a calm and peaceful final journey for Dad. For that my family and I will be eternally grateful.

~ Jes Cousineau

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