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Donor Spotlight ~ Monthly Giving

When asked why she recently signed up to become a monthly donor, reception volunteer Susan Bidgood shared the following:
“As a hospice volunteer since its inception, I have been thinking of ways to support financially. Monthly giving was the easy solution.
My monthly $30 allows me to factor the cost into my overall budget instead of finding a one-time larger gift. It exceeds $20 so I’ll receive a tax receipt, and my annual gift of $360 supports one day of care for a hospice resident.
I have a sense of peace and tranquillity when stepping inside our hospice. A place where young and older residents and families are surrounded by loving care and compassion. For me, being part of this is so gratifying and rewarding - “it fills my cup.”
Our community and surrounding area are fortunate to have this valuable facility in our midst, together with the caring staff and a dedicated team of my fellow volunteers.”

~Susan Bidgood

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