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This is community, celebrating life every moment

After having moved to Stratford in 2012, one of the very first community events I engaged in was the community meeting to determine if there was interest in a local Hospice. The response was overwhelming, and I learned that day what the passion and commitment of dedicated citizens can mean for the community services they enjoy.

I was touched at that meeting by stories of loss and end-of-life experiences that fell short of what a life well lived deserves, and became instantly passionate about Hospice. I have since suffered many personal losses, including of treasured parents and a precious child, and I am more convinced than ever of the mission of Rotary Hospice. Lives ‘well-lived’ means treasuring each and every day up to and including the end. I feel blessed to assist in providing this opportunity to everyone – at no cost – through my volunteer work with Rotary Hospice.

~Hospice Foundation board chair Sarah Hamza

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