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Val’s Story: What Hospice means to me

It’s been an honour for me to work at Rotary Hospice for the last two and a half years. I started my journey as a palliative care nurse with a local home care agency about 12 years ago and I would often witness the struggles that came with caring for a dying loved one at home.

One thing I love about our hospice is the home-like atmosphere. As caregivers at Rotary Hospice, we wear many hats. While our priority is managing residents’ physical, spiritual and psychological symptoms, we also care for this home like it’s our own. For example, we ensure that the residents rooms stay neat and tidy. I have often heard the surprised comment from family or residents themselves “wow, you do it all!”. That is another reason I love my job; a simple task like cleaning their room provides a more relaxed, comfortable opportunity for some residents to share their feelings and concerns about what they are going through.

I’m very proud and pleased to be part of the team here at Rotary Hospice. I count it a privilege that families entrust their loved ones to us and allow us to be part of their journey during a vulnerable time.

Val Agra, RN

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