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Our 2nd annual Handbags for Hospice fundraiser was a big success!

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Stratford Perth Hospice Foundation, I would like to share some wonderful news.


Our 6th Annual Hike for Hospice was a resounding success. Total Hike participants was 192 hikers which included 29 teams. Collectively, they have helped us to raise just over $84,000 which puts us well over our $50,000 target. 


The success of an event like this is never done singlehandedly. At the Rotary Hospice we believe that it, “takes a village”. This is just one clear example of how we can come together as a community, be creative and have a lot of fun doing it. 


There are a number of groups that we would like to thank.


Thank you to our returning Corporate Sponsors, Ontario Home Health, Tradition Mutual, Woodcock Bros. and our new sponsor McCutchen & Pearce. These groups came on board early, which provided confidence to the steering committee to move forward with the idea of a “virtual” hike. Thanks so much for your support.    

Thank you to our wonderful staff led by Lana Burchett and this includes Lucie Stuart, Norma Reese, and Michelle Field. Michelle worked diligently and creatively in coordinating the event. The organizing committee worked hard to ensure the success of the day.  Kudos to all for a job well done!

The Stratford Perth area is a wonderful community in which to live. Our local government officials have supported this initiative from the very beginning. Thanks for your encouraging message to all Hike participants and donors.


Thanks to all of the participants and donors.  The hike participants used their creativity and ingenuity to create a virtual hiking experience for themselves.  I encourage everyone to check our Facebook and Instagram accounts for photos and videos of the Hike.  


We are very humbled by the generosity of the donors to our hike and those who shared their personal stories.  Your gifts will allow us to continue to do the fine work that is done at the Rotary Hospice and make it a wonderful, compassionate and caring end-of-life experience.

Thanks to everyone for their support.   

Dennis Young, Chair-Stratford Perth Hospice Foundation

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